Kaloca is committed to creating significant enduring value for YOU, our most important stakeholder, through the following strategy:

  1. Build, acquire and commit trading resources that generate competitive advantages for you;
  2. Participate and compete in selective businesses with big, growing markets;
  3. Design and implement a realistic management system for your Southeast Asian market

Scope of Business

  1. BPO/IT Outsourcing
  2. Asian social media network development
  3. Asian special situations: Investments in selective opportunities with potential for high growth.

Keys to Success

  1. Resources: Identify, build, acquire and commit valuable resources within and across businesses to create competitive advantages and significant value.
  2. Implementation: Manage growth along geography, product markets, and vertical integration in order to capitalize on inter-company distinctive core competencies.
  3. Measurement: Design, implement and continually improve the corporate structure, systems and processes in order to maintain control, provide coherence and create corporate advantage across businesses