Derek Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer | Founder

Born in Vietnam, and a resident of the United States for much of his career, Derek is an IT executive with a diverse background in sales/marketing, business development and consulting services. In his previous role as Founder, CEO/CIO of DataLogic Consulting Inc. (DCI), he was responsible for day-to-day operation of a fast growing Information Technology consulting/staffing firm with an combined $75 million in multi-year contract wins supporting major Fortune 100 and governmental clients such as Fire Department of New York (FDNY), City of Houston, State of Rhode Island, Prudential Healthcare, International Paper, FedEx, Compaq Computer Corp./Hewlett-Packard, ConocoPhillips and Computer Sciences Corp.

Under his leadership, DataLogic Consulting grew quickly and received numerous prestigious awards such Houston’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies in both 1997, 1998 as well as Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America in 1999. In 2001, DataLogic Consulting merged with a publicly traded company and later became a wholly-owned subsidiary under DataLogic International Inc. and raised millions operating capital. DataLogic International Inc.’s market capitalization exceeded $70 million with over $15 million in annual sales.

Derek has intense interest in the special needs of small ambitious companies with big potential. He understands their need for business exposure through real business deals as well as exposure in investment markets. Derek thrives in bringing people together with opportunity, whether that is in private or public markets.

His passion has evolved into Kaloca Inc. Now with his seasoned North American business experience on a foundation of a Southeast Asia network Derek is willing to help make things happen for you in the most dynamic growth zone in the world. Derek understands that each company is unique but also that business operates to general patterns. Derek will assist you in finding the right combination of these for your private or public enterprise to get feet on the ground in Southeast Asia for your product.

Derek’s observation about American businesses looking at Asia – “Don’t be afraid but don’t be lazy. Choose the wise middle path. Make the right contacts to get your plan rolling. Asian love business, but relationships matter. Innovative exporters from America to Asia have a chance to provide something that is not already available in Asia. That’s what Asian import partners are looking for. Do it smart – work with a network, not by yourself. Kaloca can be your bridge. Remember this KALOCA formula:

  • K – Keep it simple
  • A – Asia is the number one opportunity market
  • L – Leverage your American origin as a point of distinction by being interesting and top quality
  • O – Only real deals matter. Forget pie-in-the-sky. Start small if necessary. Reality pays, dreams don’t
  • C – Concentrate and focus purely on vision, vision, vision
  • A – Act. Stop postponing. Let us research your action potential now

Behind Derek is a career collection of contacts and associates in the USA and Asia who are part of his network – and maybe yours!