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Free Training

Free Training

Support & Donate Cash to Build FREE English/Vocational Training for the Poor/Underprivileged in SE Asia


I am a US/Vietnamese expat currently living in HCM Vietnam – part of SE Asia. I’ve often seen and heard first hand of so many poor families in and around HCM and surrounding towns that often neglected and unable to afford vocational training and education. Even the teachers here are underpaid or even not paid for many months; thus creating a not-so motivated environment for the teachers to give his/her full attention to the students. There are constant needs for these neglected/underprivileged people to get an education so that they can get ahead in life and out of poverty. My intention is to build a slogan “Kaloca Academy – We Teach SEA Fishing”. Why am I doing this or even starting this project? My background is rich in IT/computer consulting combined with both English/Vietnamese communication skills that qualified me to spend free time training/teaching volunteers and others on how to run and operate these free training facilities. We’d rather teach the poor and needy how to fish instead of handing out food and supplies which they’ll run out very quickly and put them back at the same spot where they started.

Our free training curriculum will consists mainly of basic English speaking/reading/writing skills along with additional courses in basic computer skills such as internet, basic web site design/development and other web programming languages such as Photoshop, Illustrator, C++, JAVA, HTML, etc…Other non-technical skills will be taught such as cosmetology courses and basic office support.

Our intention is to raise at least $50,000USD which will primarily allocated to the following expenses:

1. $25,000 to lease 2 training facilities in both HCM and Cu Chi (45 mins away) for the next 12 months along with monthly maintenance and utilities.  One facility in HCM is ready to go and the other in Cu Chi will need basic  repair and updates.
2.  $5,000 to acquire all class room furniture, furnishings along with school supplies, computer equipment and servers.
3. Remaining $20,000 will be allocated for expenses during the first 12 months of operation including  teachers’ salaries, volunteers’ basic stipends, back office support, vehicles repair/maintenance, school supplies and food/groceries as part of free daily lunch for the students and teachers.

Once the students successfully completed and passed our training program, we’ll assist with job placement as well as referrals to local businesses in the area.

We’ll start the “Kaloca Academy – We Teach SEA Fishing” project as soon as the first $5,000 comes in as rental deposits for the 2 training facilities. Any donor provides his/her email/contact info, we’ll keep on file and send out regular updates and progress accordingly.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Any support is greatly appreciated as I am building the first of many more to come free vocational training facilities for the poor and neglected people in SE Asia and beyond.

Please go here to pledge your support and make our dream a reality: https://www.gofundme.com/SEAFreeSchool