• A Solid Commitment to Client Service

  • Operational Excellence

  • A Trusted Partner

About Kaloca

Why Work With Us

A solid commitment to client service. This commitment is embedded in our culture. We have built an experienced team that understands your needs, and works with purpose and a sense of urgency.

A trusted partner. Our clients view us as their partner. We are committed to their success and building long-term relationships.

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Why Choose Us

Independence: We are not affiliated with any lending institution, law firm or investment advisory firm, minimizing the likelihood of conflict of interest.

Flexibility: We are free of the layers of bureaucracy that tie the hands of many larger institutions. We will consider every transaction.

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Transfer & Registrar

Critical and timely corporate trust services ensure your corporate transactions are completed successfully.

Depositary & Exchange Agent Services

As an agent, we maintain security holder lists, control the stated capital and effect transfers.

Investor Services

We provide a direct information line for investors or their representatives.

Disbursement Services

We help navigate the most complex transactions, policies and regulations that companies face.